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Shantou City OSK Holdings Limited was founded in 1986, the company formed in 1995, in 1998 the company obtained the right to import and export business, after twenty years of development, has become a deep-sea fishing, aquaculture, technology research and development, production and sales of aquatic products processing and export enterprises. Group set up under a subsidiary of 6, more than 3,000 employees, the Group's consolidated annual output value of 2 billion yuan or more. 2006 was named "outstanding private enterprises in Guangdong Province", in 2007 was named the Shantou municipal government "top 50 enterprises in Shantou City."


OSK Holdings Limited speaking countries key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization , the Israeli-Palestinian pasteurized crab meat , all kinds of shrimp and fish products , shellfish and other seafood as the main deep-processing products , is located in the National Center for fishing - Shantou Haimen port and strategic location . The company has a deep-sea fishing fleet consists of 10 vessels , is currently the largest in the eastern region , the strongest fishing fleet , where two steel vessels gross tonnage of 231 tons , the annual output of 4,000 tons / ship , The company has a special permit fishing Spratly Islands , Nansha Islands waters can went fishing operations . The company has in Guangdong, Fujian and other places more aquatic deep processing base , has 40,000 square meters in line with international standards of aquatic products processing plant and a large refrigerator , complete production equipment , with an annual output of more than 2,000 tons of high quality aquatic products , while building 150 square meters, fully equipped quality testing room and other facilities to ensure food quality and safety . The company plans nearly 100,000 square meters in the Huangpu District of Guangzhou City seafood comprehensive deep processing project has been under construction , is expected to put into operation in 2014 , to form a cold storage capacity of 50,000 tons and 40,000 tons of aquatic products processing quality production after completion base. " Agricultural products deep processing and R & D projects " by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission "Guangdong Modern Industry 500" and " 100 , Shantou, modern industry ." Companies operating in good condition , for 16 years was named " Credible Enterprise " corporate credit rating of AAA .

Company's ability to ensure good management of the quality of the product. Company conscientiously implement the " attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection ," the concept of quality management , product quality and long-term stability . The company has passed the international certification of food safety control system HACCP , BRC quality certification , ISO9001.2000 international standard quality system certification , ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational safety certification. U.S. FDA officials have repeatedly investigated to assess the dynamic enterprise , the company's production conditions, technology and quality systems , etc. to give a higher rating .
Companies leading products deep processing of crab meat products , a variety of products and varieties of shrimp squid, shellfish exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, a broad sales network stability , product demand . Own brand " Yao master" canned crab meat , frozen breaded shrimp in the U.S. and European markets enjoyed a high reputation , for several years the amount of crab meat exports to the U.S. export volume ranking first in the country in 2007, " Yao master" brand was Foreign Economic and Trade Commission awarded the "Guangdong export brand ." 2011 " OSK " was named China International Economic Cooperation Society " Chinese aquatic products go Top Ten Influential Brands " one. Faced with the new international economic situation, the company planning the layout in advance , and actively explore the domestic market , the company has entered into a collaboration with Wal-Mart , Carrefour , Vanguard, Pokka , Lotus , Jusco and other large supermarket chains , there are more than 30 products into supermarket sales.

OSK Group has been committed to technological innovation , and Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University , Hefei Industrial University and other research institutions to establish a strategic partnership research , industrial innovation capacity significantly improved, has been identified as "Guangdong Province Agriculture Technology innovation Center "," private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province " , over the past decade , the group has assumed the provincial Science and Technology Department , provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, more than 20 other technology projects , the development of mushroom crab cakes , crab cakes and tilapia Fort crab and other new varieties on the market ; cooperation with the completion of Hefei University of shells and other waste utilization project , the production of " crab protein powder ", " crab sauce " and other health care products and condiments . In the field of aquaculture , breeding and farming techniques in collaboration with Sun Yat -dimensional study of new varieties of blue crab . The company and the South China Sea marine biological National Engineering Research Center of Zhongshan Huangpu technical cooperation to build Fisheries Research Institute , Sun Yat-sen to hire experts for academic leaders , to carry out research and development of aquatic products deep processing technologies and industrial applications fostering of talent .

Group's development has been the strong support of the government and the community , Comrade Premier Wen Jiabao , Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang comrades and provincial leaders at all levels who have come to the workshop group to guide the work of the Group to promote the industrialization of agriculture has given the work carried out in full certainly ; Ministry of Agriculture , the Ministry of Finance for the company's comprehensive agricultural development projects to support interest payments on loans ; Ministry of Finance and approved by Guangdong Provincial Finance Bureau Guangdong Finance Investment Group Holdings Limited to inject 30 million yuan to become shareholders of the Group , Guangdong Finance bring sufficient funds to join and modern management concept for OSK Group's long-term development and industrial transformation and upgrading a profound impact .

As a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization , OSK Group is actively exploring the construction of a modern fishing industry . On the basis of " scientific research institutions + government + bank + company " business model , based on a combination of actively promoting the construction , on the basis of consolidating aquatic products processing industry , the positive development of aquaculture and aquatic products cold chain logistics industry , to create from fishing , breeding, processing , storage and logistics to sales of integrated industrial chain, while guiding the transition from the traditional coastal fishermen fishing the waters healthy breeding areas , the company joins breeding base 3000 acres, high-powered fishing vessels over 300 ships, led farmers , fishing households over 2000 households nearly 10,000 people, to help farmers , fishing households increased income of 3,000 yuan , effectively promoting agricultural efficiency and rural incomes , and building a new socialist countryside .

Has more than 20 precipitation and accumulation of OSK Group has gradually grown from the ship to the wind and waves of ordinary boat ton ships , set sail from the harbor today being re , turning back towards the depths of the ocean choppy . In the journey towards centennial , OSK will uphold the " integrity, responsibility , enthusiasm, and win-win " corporate values , through the market , information technology , international construction, willing to work all people dedicated to " the delicious healthy food bring consumers "to create a world-class multi-purpose marine food carrier .

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