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2008 China will strengthen food and drug supervision in 12 areas
Published:2014-3-21 9:47:47

      Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a regulation in 2008 to strengthen the Food and Drug l2 term priorities. Which promote the construction of food and drug safety responsibility system and do Olympic food and drug safety and security will be the focus of the work .
According to the introduction , in 2007 , China's food and drug regulation and other related special efforts ever made significant progress in all aspects of 12 . Including national food safety demonstration counties to create activities to achieve results , initially built the country (city ) level of food security barrier analysis of early warning systems.

2008 will strengthen the Food and Drug Administration l2 key areas of work , including the consolidation of the Food and Drug rectification results. Food safety aspects of the highlights include: the expansion of national food safety demonstration counties to create a pilot ; food security in rural areas throughout the rule ; organize aquatic products, meat and meat products , eggs and egg products, high- risk foods rectification ; strengthen monitoring and food safety information warning ; improve food safety incident reporting , emergency response , emergency protection system ; strengthen major food safety accidents investigated .

During the 2008 Olympics, to do good food and drug safety and security of the Olympic Games , the Olympic full implementation of food security projects.

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