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Jieyang Huinong Industrial Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10000000yuan, is a national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises --Shantou Qiaofeng Group Investment Holdings Limited is specialized in fine breeding pigs, pig farming products of private enterprises. Company in 2008 inHuilai County Xi Zhuang Cun Xian An Zhen about 20000000 yuan investment in the construction of large-scale pig farms, farm covers an area of 200 mu,the annual slaughter pigs 30000 heads of product design and planning. The location of the project and designed by experts, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, after more than half a final. The project is located in the geographical position is superior, the distance highway exit isonly 4-5 km, farm ventilation drying, the surrounding people and simple, the most suitable for breeding pigs.

The pig pig 9000 bulls, the pigs and two yuan hybrid sows 900 bulls,commodity pork 8000 bulls, the construction of biogas digesters 800 cubic meters, has been put into normal use.

Zhangzhou City, rich sea food Co., Ltd. is an aquatic products processing enterprises by the national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises -- Shantou Qiaofeng Group Co., Ltd. invested and wholly owned, registered capital of 20000000 yuan, registered address in Zhaoan County four Du Zhen Lin tou Cun, the main business scope is the acquisition, processing of aquatic products, warehousing and sales.

The company invested 120000000 yuan in Fujian Zhaoan four Du Zhen Lin tou Cun, a workshop more than 2 square meters, the facilities of more than 1 square meters, the new crab meat processing production line, fish processing production line, shrimp and squid processing production line, deep processing of products of a production line, while supporting the 30000 ton cold storage. At present, the annual output value of 300000000 Yuan, annual profit of about about 20000000 yuan, earning about $about 40000000, to pay various taxes and fees about 20000000 yuan. Companies adhere to the "industry development mode of company + base + farmers", establishing the hook connection and breeding base and fishing boats, direct and indirect drive agriculture (fishery) households more than 1 households, help to solve the local employment problem.

Industrialization achievements in Xiashan District of Zhanjiang city in Kangle Biological Technology Co. Ltd. as Zhongshan University and Zhanjiang city school cooperation, established in 2006 March. Relying on the engineering research center of Zhongshan University of marine biotechnology countries, technical team members bear the national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects related to deep water net cage and grouper, a number of patents, published many academic papers, fruitful research results. Company's existing technical staff of 9 people, of which R & D personnel 7 people: 2 professors, 1 doctoral, 4 master's degree. These technical personnel have a strong strength in deep sea aquaculture equipment development.

Company in Zhanjiang city southeast of Techeng island in deep sea, with 150 acres of the right to use sea areas and aquaculture license, is the Guangdong first cage free products and producing area, equipped with a 500 ton cold storage, more than 15000000 yuan in output value.

Guangdong Qiaofeng industrial Limited by Share Ltd is a collection of fishing, aquaculture technology R & D, production and sales in one of the deep processing of aquatic products sales enterprises, is an international, science and Technology Industrial Company, the company has a number of aquatic products processing base and international marketing agency, is currently Whampoa  District Construction of large modern intensive processing of aquatic products and cold chain logistics base. After the completion of the construction will reach 40000 tons of aquatic products processing, cold storage capacity of 65000 tons level, the scale of the whole province in the forefront. At the same time allocation of R & D, production, sales, logistics and settlement services, the deep processing of aquatic products, food cold chain logistics and trade into the headquarters economy structure, at the same time, the construction of Advanced Marine Biotechnology Center, frozen food safety testing center experts building, and supporting the life of leisure facilities, will also study the joint Zhongshan University the South China Sea marine biotechnology National Engineering Center, Guangdong Food Industry Institute of marine biological product technology R & D, through high-tech innovation for the expansion of the industry standard provides the technical support, built in Whampoa  area first-class aquatic products processing and food cold chain logistics demonstration base.

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