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First, the main business

Shantou City Crown Capital Limited was founded in March 8, 2011 , is an investment in real estate development , hotel , industrial, construction, transportation , accommodation and catering industry based integrated investment company registered Baqian million RMB capital , which has become one of the largest companies in this industry eastern region . Companies adhere to market-oriented, adhering to the " integrity, stability , efficiency, innovation " business philosophy , continue to integrate social advantages of resources through the market operation and capital operation , efforts to develop the enterprise's core industries , and promote the healthy and steady development company , and strive to management of the company into a leading , diversified with strong competitive large -scale investment enterprise . We look forward to with the community to create a better tomorrow !

First, the personnel strength

The company currently employs 200 people , has a group specializing in domestic and foreign real estate, food and beverage , food and other investment products top talent for many years , with an average age of about 35 years , generally have a bachelor degree or above , is a young energetic and creative team. In addition, the company also hired advisory committee composed of high-level experts in various well-known universities .

Second, corporate culture

Values : Road to Germany , together with propriety

Target concept: to be an excellent company and corporate citizen

Behavior idea : take the social returns

Marketing idea : Quality of life change , brand success KANTONS

Management concept: people-oriented, scientific rigor

Service concept: customer ( the owners ) satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Style philosophy: credible, resolutely

Team concept: tolerant and humble , collaborative and efficient

Fourth, success stories

Shantou City Haisheng floor dining Ltd.

Shantou City, the five states Restaurant Catering Co.

Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province Fuhai Food Co., Ltd.

Participation in Guangdong Province three old renovation project investment , construction in progress

V. Future Vision

From the development prospects for the company to build a loyal brand as the core , is to focus on the advantages of corporate power , the products do fine and stronger than ever with no customer service , technical support and the industry's most sophisticated integrated mainstream resource systems , is committed to become a leader in domestic enterprises . Consolidate and develop the core competitiveness of enterprises, while diversified development , focus on each business enterprise that specific areas of intensive development , and ultimately to achieve a win-win situation for the purpose to achieve maximum customer benefit , the steady development of the enterprise .
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