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Nanaodao is the only island county, Guangdong, Shantou city is also the only county jurisdiction. The third largest island is Guangdong, Nanaodao is located in the eastern part of the sea, is located in the center of Kaohsiung -- Xiamen -- Hongkong three big port, the geographical position is superior, the humanities has a long history, rich in tourism resources, have "sea, mountain, history, Temple" style of cross features, known as the "Yue Donghai is known as" jewel. Blue sky, blue sea, green, white sands, is the main color of ecological tourism in Nan'ao, boarded the island, live beach, sea breeze, Mu bath water, seafood is all our friends on the tourist heart choice. It is known as the "Oriental Hawaii" of the Australian Green Bay, and "South Chinese offshore natural national Forest Park", both "Bird Paradise" said Ukraine Lantau nature reserve, but also Asia's largest wind farm in the island, has a long history, many places of historic interest and scenic beauty. All of these as clusters to water flowers, constitutes a beautiful island scenery.

Guangdong Nan'ao City International Tourism Resort is planning to develop in this beautiful and unique natural marine environment, its theme named "Sea city", one is carrying forward the Nan'ao ancient "maritime trade", started the history card; two is to build a "Mirage wonders" dreamy, started the landscape cards; three is at the junction of the four rare location advantage, build truly "international" cultural tourism resort, started the international brand.

Guangdong International Resort located in Nan'ao sea in international marine 5A standard tourist resort development, its format planning including marine dream city, Central Business District, the Ocean Villa Resort, marine nature reserve of four major functional area, and has advanced business unit cooperation alliance tour and vacation management experience and international, the complete service projects. In the development of Nanaodao sea international tourism resort project, be helpful for intensive Nan'ao tourism resources, tourism and cultural connotation, to respond positively to the development thought of Nan'ao "tourism concept, financial planning," development ideas, to create a national "4A" class tourist area of Nan'ao is committed to do what little one can to help.

Guangdong Nan'ao City International Tourism Resort Development in line with national "views on accelerating the development of tourism", "" 1025 "planning" the spirit of the province in 2020 to achieve the strategic goal of building a powerful province of marine economy requirements, "Guangdong marine economic zone development plan" "Guangdong Guangdong waters of the intensive use of the sea the conceptual industrial planning" "Shantou city development strategy planning," "Shantou city overall planning of tourism development of Nan'ao County Tourism" "Twelfth Five Year Plan '' opinions" and a series of documents, from pay attention to important points, fine start, forward-looking planning, creative planning for the principle of planning and design of Nan'ao City, Guangdong sea international tourist resort of conceptual planning。

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